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Tips For Successful Direct Mail Marketing

The key to a successful direct mail program is proper planning.  Direct Mail Marketing is a strategic tool that can be used to achieve almost any business objective. You can start your direct mail program with something as simple as a letter to your best customers. 

Whatever you decide to mail, you'll have more success if you keep the following pointers in mind.  Be sure to define your goals and know your target audience.  Test your mailing on a small group first. Apply what you have learned to the next mailing.  Make sure your lists and names are up-to-date.  Follow up on leads right away.

We encourage our clients to contact us during the design phase of any direct mail project.  All too often we receive printed pieces to mail that are not designed to postal specifications. Had we been consulted, the pieces would have been designed to postal specifications, and the client would have saved money!

The direct mail tips & information below will help make your next First Class or Bulk Mailing a success!

We've also included the current First Class and Standard A (Bulk Mail) Rates.  


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